Who Needs a Living Room? Not Me!

So….I finally finished moving in……3 months later.  Ha!

I don’t have any furniture…..scratch that…..I don’t have (that much) traditional furniture.  I have a bed and a table but, other than that, there’s not much going on.  I don’t have a TV or a couch to watch it on.  I don’t have a kitchen table and I only have one chair.  That said, my living room has been quite bare the last three months.  I kept intending to buy furniture eventually but, then I got to thinking…..what’s the point?  I don’t have people over (except the occasional Beefer) and it’s just me.  Shouldn’t I use the space how I would best benefit from it rather than how it’s traditionally supposed to be?

I think so.  Enter:  Craft Living Room!


Now, again, I don’t have much furniture.  In fact, the other things that survived from my craft room at my other house were the white scrapbooking cubes.  I bought the shelves at Lowe’s for $15 each.  They are cheap utility shelves but they get the job done.  My one table is now used for my cricut.  It’s an antique that was my last Christmas present from my father before he died so I cherish it.  I also want to protect it so there is ugly red felt on it now until I buy a tablecloth I like.

So, it’s kinda bare but that’s okay.  I feel the space is better used this way.  I had to make all the pieces of the Wicked Witch Wreath on the floor and put together the final product on my kitchen counter.  This area is much better suited for crafting.  I do need to buy a vaccuum though for all those bits of paper and fabric.  🙂

Anyway, what do you think?  It’s a pretty good start, eh?

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Who Needs a Living Room? Not Me!

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  2. Cara, I suddenly feel motivated to revamp my craft room now!

    And yes, it is your space, and you should do with it whatever you like. Chances are anyone you have over will want to come over to craft with you anyway! (that’s what friends do together, right? make things?) As usual, your space is arranged beautifully and functionally. I am envious, I do not have near your talent for that. Maybe you can help me with my craft space? 🙂 I need to make some new things for my bulletin boards, I’m bored with them after two months. Time to get cracking on decor for the holiday season, I think!

    Anyway, long story short (aren’t my stories always long?) – I like it. Your living room rocks.

    • Hey Amber!

      Thanks and I would LOVE to organize your craft stuff. I quite enjoy it. There’s just one problem though…….I have to have COMPLETE control in those situations. I tried to do my mom’s craft room and I lasted about a two hours before I gave up because she had her own idea of what she wanted and a method she didn’t want to disrupt. Lol!

      • I’d be totally ok with letting you just go to town with it – I’m not particularly attached to any one method or arrangement in that room, barring one thing: you can’t move where the guitars are hanging on the wall, because moving those anchors would be a real pain. But anything not bolted down (everything else in the room)…move and reorganize and let your organizational genius go, and I will follow and encourage and offer snacks. 😀

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