The Monster Mash-6th Grade Performance 2011

This has been a CRAZY two weeks.  I forget how much programs wear me out until I’m in the middle of them wondering why I do what I do.  And then, the performance happens.  The children pull it together and do a fantastic job.  The parents and administration are thrilled.  I’m like a proud parent of 60 children who momentarily forgets all the hard work it took to get to this point and just wants to bask in the awe of my fantastic students.

For the past five years, I would combine grade levels for programs but, now that I’m at a new place, that’s just not going to work.  It could’ve (maybe) worked with the older students because there’s only 80 of them per grade level but the younger ones are over 100 in some places.  I’m concerned about having 100 5 year olds on stage so I’m not even going to think about combining them!

The teacher before didn’t focus on performance as much as I do.  Music is a performance art and I believe every child should have the opportunity to perform what they have learned on stage.  I also believe they should start early.  Nip those nerves in the bud.

I wanted to do something completely different for 6th grade because they tend to be a difficult group to impress and excite about elementary music.  Of course, you have those that are going to love everything no matter what but, for the most part, they’re too cool for school (or so they think).  I decided to do a Halloween program for them.  I’ve never done a Halloween program before so this was a new experience for me but I think it turned out great.  I had 61 students show up which is AWESOME for 6th grade participation.  They completely filled the stage and did a wonderful job.

I only see my classes once a week.  I wish I saw them more.  We started work at the end of September and learned 5 songs in the 5 weeks that we worked on it.  Pretty good if you ask me.

Sorry for the crappy pictures.  :/  After “Thriller,”  the students sang “Scarin’ Alive” by Teresa Jennings (MusicK8), “Purple People Eater” (Silver Burdett Making Music) and “The Addams Family” (Silver Burdett Making Music).  We ended with a curtain call and “The Monster Mash” dance.

The Decorations were made using the Cricut Expressions and Pumpkin Carving cartridge.  The font is from the Boys Will Be Boys cartridge.

As you can see, I’m not a big decorator.  I mainly just do something over the front of the stage and the sides.  There are so many kids on stage; there is really no point to doing too much back there because no one will see it.  Also, my kids need the room.

Well, this was the first of many programs this year.  Hold on to your hats!

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “The Monster Mash-6th Grade Performance 2011

  1. I found your blog on Pinterest. I’m a music teacher in Kansas and I’ve been wanting to do a Halloween based program for a couple of years now. Did you have any parents complain about the holiday themed program? I asked my administrator once and he told me he didn’t think it was a good idea.

    I love your blog, by the way!!!

    • I didn’t have any complaints though I was concerned about it initially. I kept it light (as possible) and used my oldest kids. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps.


  2. I’m doing a monster-themed program with my 3rd graders. Where did you get the dance moves for the Monster Mash? I’d like to have them do a dance to it either in the middle or at the end. All your programs look wonderful!! 🙂

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