Christmas Tree Topper Fail…..

It all started a few weeks ago when I was wanting a Christmas tree for my classroom.  I’ve become a decorator now that I have my own space.  Wanting a Christmas tree led to asking my mom if I could have the Christmas tree she hasn’t used in three years.  She said yes which led to wondering how I was going to stuff a 7 ft. Christmas tree in my 4 door sedan.  Apparently, it wasn’t that hard because Jeff and Ty got it in pretty easily in the backseat (with the seats down) and my 6th grade boys carried it from my car to my classroom and put it together for me.  YAY for child labor!! JK

Anyway, I wanted to made a bow for the tree topper and here is my…….



I looked online at bow making tutorials for 2 HOURS and still failed…..I’m just hopeless.  I finally just gave up being taught and went for it.  This is the final product.  It may look decent in the picture but it has about 6 pipe cleaners (in leiu of florist wire because I didn’t have any) holding it together.  It also is on the brink of falling apart.  If it falls off the tree, it’s a gonner but oh well.


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