Missed Me?

Whew!  It has been an overloaded couple weeks and I am simply exhausted.  Every day this week, I have gone home after school and crashed.  I tried to go shopping (SHOPPING) yesterday but just wasn’t in the mood.  I just went home instead and passed out.  Of course, the problem with falling asleep at 6:30 is waking up at midnight.  I think I got back to sleep around 4am or so….just enough time to get into really deep sleep before the alarms start.

Let’s Recap shall we?

Elementary Choir Concert and Special Performances:

When I was hired at District L, I was told I would have to an after school club.  Choir seemed the obvious choice and had already been done before.  I started out with 52 kids and ended with 40 which is not bad retention for an after school commitment that has to compete with clubs like Fantasy Football and Lego Club.

Their official concert was Thursday, December 8th.  Let me just tell you:  the sang like angels.  I have such a talented group of kids.  Our program looked like this:

Christmas Jubilation (MK8 2010): This is a fun little ditty I discovered last year through my subscription to MusicK8.  If you’re a music teacher and not a subscriber, I highly recommend it.

Glo-Glo-Glorious and Will You Be Here This December (MK8 2011): Glo-Glo-Glorious was a fun 2 part number that the kids really enjoyed learning.  I was my least favorite personally but just because it was really long-winded.  Will You Be Here This December, on the other hand, is absolutely gorgeous and it fit so well with my kids who are all active-duty military kids.  The tears flowed.

Silent Night, Silver Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Coffey 2008): Traditional songs that were arranged by my brother for his choir’s Christmas album a few years back.  He isn’t a music teacher anymore but I’m glad I still have the tracks to all of his songs from that project.  They are awesome and I love using something unique…….well, as unique as you can get with songs that everyone knows or has heard.

On Friday, the choir had two performances.  The first was bright and early in the morning for a parent meeting called 2nd cup of coffee that is held once a month for parents to hear about various school happenings.  It just happened that Music was scheduled for December so we had a performance.  Later, we took a bus across base to the mini-mall and sang in the food court during lunch.  It was pretty packed and I was quite panicked most of the time about keeping track of all those kids in a public place.  Again, they sang like angels.  We added traditional carols to our set list and the kids sang for about 30 minutes or so.

During Will You Be Here This December, we got a surprise guest.  A mom who had been deployed for 11 months secretly came to our concert to watch her daughter.  After the song, (perfect timing) I invited the child to come stand by me and pointed to where her mother stood with the counselors and assistant principal.  It was a tearful reunion.  Of course, we could only sing one more song after that because the kids and I just lost it.

Our final performance was for the school board this past Tuesday.  The kids on sang two songs because I was in a hurry to back to campus for a rehearsal with 3rd grade.

A Bedtime Ballet starring 3rd Grade

I “wrote” this program last spring and let me tell you: IT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!!! 3rd grade did not disappoint either.  Rehearsal had been pretty rough but they got it together and had an awesome performance.  (More on this particular program HERE).  I rewrote the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” so that it made the program Christmas-y and so all the songs fit together.  All the kids wore their pajamas.   They were adorable!  Instead of decorating the stage like a child’s room like I did before, I used the Christmas decorations from the Choir performance which included my own 7 foot Christmas tree, presents (empty boxes-you wouldn’t believe how many children asked if they were real) and poinsettias.  It was my best decorated stage yet.  I should have taken pictures but there was so much drama around it that I just didn’t.

Seriously, I’m an easy person to deal with most of the time (because I keep it inside and bitch about it to my Mom or Beefer afterwards) but, during program time and especially during program time where I have five performances in four days, two stages to decorate (because having the two evening performances on the same stage would be too easy), and my own Christmas schedule to prepare for is NOT the time to mess with me.  Let’s just say the assistant principal got an ear-full Monday afternoon and my team leader also her share of my rant after the drama of this week.

To add to all of this, PreK 3, PreK 4, and Kindergarten have been caroling during class time all week long.  Yesterday, one of my 4 year old spit to the tune of  “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” in front of the Speech department.  That was a proud moment.

So, that’s where I’ve been the past couple weeks.  I just saw my principal (I’m blogging during my conference…..its about school stuff) and she asked if I was ready for the two week break and I said, “Oh yes!  I’m exhausted!”  She agreed and compliment my awesomeness this semester.  It’s nice to be loved.

What’s Next?

Christmas break officially starts at 3:15 today.  Tomorrow is the extended family Christmas at my grandmother’s house.  I have two choices:  I can pack as soon as I get home today, leave and arrive around 9 or 10 tonight OR I can do whatever I want tonight, get up early to pack and leave tomorrow and hopefully make it before lunch.  I haven’t quite decided yet.

In other news, my mom got a contract on her old house (my childhood home) so we get to clean it out over the break.  Yay?



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