Where’ve You Been? Oh Wait……

Yeah, I’ve been busy…..I spent most of my Christmas break making over 150 hair bows for my…..wait for it….CRAFT BOOTH!

I’ve been wanting to open a Craft Booth since the first time I walked into a craft mall here in SA.  I love making things and sometimes I like to make things that I don’t necessarily need or have room for.  Also, as we were cleaning out my parents’ house, we found some cool stuff to either sell in the booth or to use to make MORE STUFF!

As of right now, I’m planning to open February 1st but I’m not stuck on that date if I end up needed more time for my crazy-ness.  I’m pretty much an obsessive psycho who is over-detailed so, this month, I’ve been making bows like crazy (once I got on a roll, it was hard to stop) and been planning, planning, planning.





So far, they are all packaged and I’m working on a pricing.  I’ve read that you take the cost of materials and multiply it by 3.  Does anyone have an experience in craft booths and/or selling your craft that you could share?  I’d appreciate any suggestions to make this a success.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Where’ve You Been? Oh Wait……

  1. I have heard the same about what to charge, but have found it hard to always get what I want. So I always scope out surrounding booths and items similiar and have it where it would be easy to adjust. but cost times 3 is a good starting place.

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