1st Place All-District Bake-Off

Confession 1 :  I’m not that good of a cook.  I can make a handful of things well but that’s about it.

Confession 2: I am fiercely competitive.  Seriously, I told my boss her apple pie better bring it cause I was in it to win it.


That being said:  My Oreo Balls (see recipe here) won first place at the School District Bake-off!

Contestants were scored on taste and consistency as well as presentation.  I think that is where I wow-ed them.  I am my father’s daughter after all and he was a master of presentation.  As you can see, I made chocolate covered, white chocolate covered and peanut butter versions (those were actually a disaster looks-wise) of the oreo balls.  The tray is actually my rubber stamp tray…..no worries it was very well cleaned before I put food on it.  The frame is from my house (I added the bow) and the vase of flowers are from dollar tree.  I was quite pleased with myself…..though I knew I went overboard in comparison (see below)

Yeah, that’s my creation in the middle.

Now to my favorite thing about winning (besides bragging rights) is this trophy.  Yes, it’s a giant tooth on a pedestal.  It says sweet tooth and my name is engraved on the side.

I also received a gift card to Marie Callendars…..though I was informed they would have to tax it (Has anyone ever heard of taxing a prize before?) Whatevs……


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