Guest Post: Curt Coffey Photography

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Today I get the pleasure of hosting Curt from Curt Coffey Photography.  I may have a special connection with him…..since he is my brother. Check out the awesome bedroom he and his wife, Mandi, created for my niece, Maya. Enjoy!

Maya’s Wizard of Oz Room

Maya loves the Wizard of Oz. I mean loves it. She has the movie (on Blu-Ray and DVD), the book, and tons of various Wizard of Oz paraphernalia. Mandi and I decided that for her 8th birthday we would redesign her room as a Wizard of Oz tribute to Maya. Partly for her (seriously, this kid loves the Wizard of Oz), and partly for us (she’s the baby and this is the chance we’ll have to deck out a kid room). Enough discourse…on to images of this bedroom masterpiece.

Maya’s room.

As you will see, half of the room is purple (her favorite color) for the Glenda/Dorothy side, the other half is green for the Wicked Witch side (her favorite character). Mandi also free-handed a yellow brick road that winds all the way around the room.

Clockwise, left to right: Maya’s name letters, my favorite part (check it out…they represent the socks and ruby slippers), the poppy field wall (the poppies are lamps), and…Wizard of Oz Pez (of course).

Barbies. My mom used to collect Barbie dolls. She still had her Wizard of Oz Barbies and contributed them to Maya’s room.

Wicked Witch wall.

Clockwise, left to right: Flying witch and the sky writing (Mandi’s idea), Maya’s mailbox, Wicked Witch poster (contributed by Mimi and Papaw) and gazing ball (from Super Nana).

Maya was gone all weekend and her room was revealed to her when she returned home, along with a surprise birthday party. Kate, Emma, Mimi, Papaw, Mamaw, James, Nanny, and KK were all waiting silently in her room. The look on her face when she saw her room, and them, was worth a million bucks.

Happy birthday, Mames!

For more from Curt and his fun family stories, visit

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