Speaking of Pinterest……Pinteresting Projects and Ideas I’m Loving Today

So, I know everyone is saying this but I seriously love Pinterest.  Of course, I also am a person who used to make actual ideas so the concept isn’t all that new to me…..it’s just digital which adds a whole new level of awesome.  I love Pinterest because I can bookmark ideas that I see online and get a visual of it stored for me with the original link (hopefully).  It is also great as a blogger because I can share my ideas with more people and vice versa. I have found so many more music teacher blogs and website through Pinterest than I EVER did just searching on my own…..and I’m a good googler.

Anyway, on with what I’m LOVING today:


Original Photo Source


The original blog post this was pinned from it titled “Not for the Faint of Heart” and I can see why….this cake looks so amazing but so intense…..I may think about making it my bake-off dessert for next year.  Gotta keep winning!! (See Bake-Off Oreo Balls Post HERE).


Original Source

These are so beautiful.  When I live in my own place again (aka, not an apartment), I’m totally doing this.  LOVE!


Original Source

Birds, owls, really any woodland creature is going to cause a sound to come out of me that few besides my Beefer find tolerable.  What can I say, I want to Disney Princess who talks to and is friends with the animals.  Best thing about this craft, it’s cheap to make!  Win!


Original Source

I have no use for this.  I will most likely never live in a place where I could, tastefully, do this.  Furthermore, I honestly lack the gumption to do things like this that probably take lots of time, patience, and measurements.  Three things I’m not the best at.  Oh well, maybe it will magically happen……


Original Source

This etsy shop is full of wreaths with feet which I think is adorable.  I previously pinned (and still adore) a Wicked Witch of the West wreath she made.  I even made my own version (See HERE).  I love these wreaths because they are so different and so creative.

Alrighty, well what did y’all think of my pins?  Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Speaking of Pinterest……Pinteresting Projects and Ideas I’m Loving Today

  1. My favorite? A tie between the cake (which we should totes try our collective hands at this weekend) and the bird’s nest (mainly because of the shout out). You’re pinspiring (this is meant to be a play on the word inspiring, not perspiring). (Sorry about all the parenthesis). (That is all).

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