What I’m Watching: Downton Abbey

It seems strange to be on pins and needles about a show on PBS.  When I think of PBS, I think of Sesame Street, Mister Rodgers, and educational shows…..though I guess Downton Abbey could be put in the category of educational.

This show fascinates me.  The propriety, the splendor, the drama over things that seem minor and insignificant now are so different from the current times.  I wish I had stretched it out longer but I’m sure there will be rewatching in my future.  You can find season 1 on netflix and season 2 streams from the PBS website and the app.

Downtown Abbey was created by the same person that created Gosford Park which came out a few years ago.  It too is a period drama focusing on the class differences of the wealthy and the servants who serve in the background.  Also, fascinating I might add. Maggie Smith is in both which is also fantastic.

The drama centers around an Earl and his family including a distant cousin who is to inherit Downton as women can not be heirs.  Their servants are also prominent and great lengths have been made to ensure that the series is as authentic as possible in the relationships and duties of all the characters.  It is set in the early 20th century and goes through the first world war (so far).  I hear Season 3 will be available in America early next year. 😦

Another perk is that everything in the show is so beautiful.  The house, the clothes, the furnishings……just gorgeous.  If you haven’t had an opportunity to see the rare gem in television, I invite you to try it out.

Thanks for reading!


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