Classroom: In Progress

Most people wouldn’t be taking a part their classroom in the middle of the Spring.  Most people would wait and change things they want to change over a break or during the summer.  Most people wouldn’t have to tell their kids not to touch the wet black paint……however, as we know, I’m not most people.

Like a child, when I get an idea in my head, I HAVE to do it right then.  Luckily, as an adult, it is easier to do those things I HAVE to do immediately than it was as a child when I had to get permission and/or funding for the project.  My current project, as you can see, is beautifying my classroom.  I believe and live by the idea that, if there is a better way to do something, do it the better way.  I did not like the way the smaller instruments were stored and I did not like the ugly furniture…..let me rephrase, the furniture in and of itself is not bad but the teacher before me wrote in permanent marker where she put things.  No joke, shelves were labeled, drawers were labeled, tables are labeled…..I’m all for organization and labeling but not on the piece of furniture with permanent marker……

You can still kind of see the labeling on the far left top cubby of this piece of furniture.  My intern is in progress of painting this.  No worries, one of her required assignments is a mega-project for me.  All the teachers (I hear) are making their students clean but my room is already pretty clean and organized……well, haha, until now but I prefer to do that myself.  She is doing a great job!

This shelf is not painting as well as the other.  The paint is just seeping in to the gray paint.  Blah!  I too was labeled and perpetually dirty-looking on the bottom as you can see.  I intend to finish the outline of the shelf in black and paint the inside of each shelf a hot pink color.  I know it will look obnoxiously bright but I’m an elementary teacher.  Who needs class?!?!

None of this mess is staying where it is.  My next unit with the older grades is centers (I like to have fun stuff in music during testing season to give them a release.)  I’m going to move this riser somewhere……I know, so specific, for seating for the wii center.  I also intend the make backdrop curtains to go with it because it is just unfinished wood on the backside.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Again, I love to make things better so any help will be appreciated.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Classroom: In Progress

  1. I don’t wait for breaks to rearrange my classrooms either. When the mood and idea hits – I strike it and go, provided I have the time. Sometimes this means I have bulletin boards labeled “in progress” or “under construction”…but it’s okay. 😀 If it can be done better – why not now? I totally understand this philosophy!

  2. When I have time I love getting projects started and finished. I recently had covers made for my orff instruments by a local seamstress and I love the pop of color and the fact that the instruments are now dust free!

  3. I noticed that your alphabet is all musical words/terms/instruments. I’ve been looking for one of these for YEARS! Would you consider sharing where you found it or what words you use for each letter?

    • I actually got this from the first school I worked at. The music teacher before me had it in one of the many file cabinets and I just really like it so I copied it. I have no idea about the original source but I can take closer pictures and give you a list of the words when I get back to school next week. Thanks for reading!

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