March is Music in our Schools Month!

Good morning Friends!

March is Music in our Schools Month and, to celebrate, my campus is doing some activities to promote awareness and to have some fun.

In my classroom, I am starting a Bulletin Board (across the cabinets…..waste not, want not) about the musical histories of our campus faculty and staff.  So far (Hey, it’s only March 2nd), I’ve only had two submissions but I’m expecting many more and will hound whoever I need to to get a nice amount.  I did this in my last district and it was a big hit with the students and teachers alike.  I remind students that music isn’t just in my classroom once a week (that’s how often I see my kids) but music is everywhere and can be experienced many different ways throughout the whole of our lives.

Another activity I am hosting for MIOSM is a daily trivia contest over the morning announcements.  Our announcements are streaming video (so cool!) and the students that participating in it are helping me by reading the trivia club on the news.  Classes then call, email, or send a runner with the correct answer (Today, it was flute.) and the first class in each grade level that answers correctly earns a point to their total score.  At the end of the month, the class (again, one per grade level) with the highest score earns a free choice day in music.  So far, it has been quite a success.  The students (and teachers) are taking it very seriously.  I would love to post the questions and answers for the trivia contest here but, unfortunately, that could provide an unfair advantage to anyone I work with that also reads my blog (though I seriously doubt anyone I work with does but still).  I will post it at the end of the month for anyone who is interested.

I also plan to do a advocacy poster contest after Spring Break.  I decided to wait until after Spring Break because I have a program (2nd grade) next Tuesday and the upper grades are mock STAAR testing the next couple weeks.  I don’t want to interfere with any of that.

I hope my fellow music teachers are also participating in Music in our Schools Month.  For more information, see the MENC site (Link HERE).  I’d also LOVE to hear what anyone else is doing.  I don’t like doing the same thing year to year so I’d love to hear ideas for next year.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “March is Music in our Schools Month!

  1. When I was student teaching last year, my mentor put together a wonderful display on the wall sized board that the music department used outside the gym. She took pictures of each teacher and staff at the school and put them in instrument groups like an orchestra setting. Then another teacher made badges for each instrument the person played or used to play. We even had a section of triangles for people who had never played an instrument.
    Being my first year, I am sadly not doing anything special for MIOSM but I am planning for next year. Love the idea of daily trivia and I look forward to reading your questions!

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