Under Special Skills…..

I “liked” the show Leverage on Facebook so now I get all their updates.  Well, a couple days ago, I saw a post that went like this: If you a member of the Leverage team, what skill would you bring?

Of course, this made me think of Dwight from the office and his martial arts and special skills resume so, just for my special readers, I have outlined my special skills in case anyone needs for a heist or something.

Extreme Automobile Food Consumption:  I can eat anything in the car and can do so whilst driving.  Baked potatoes, pasta, pizza, I’ve eaten it all while maintaining correct speed and staying in the lane.  The trick is having ample room between you and the steering wheel.  It also helps if you can steer with a thigh.  I wonder if my State Trooper friend is reading this?

Speed Eating: In college, I frequently had to stuff my face as quickly as possible because of my back to back classes….particularly on chapel days when EVERYONE ate lunch at the same time and I had a Choir right after.  As a teacher, this skill progressed as my thirty minute lunch is never actually 30 minutes and migrates closely to 20 minutes.  That wouldn’t be that big of a problem if I didn’t also have to use the restroom, refill my cup of ice and check emails during that small break before the afternoon marathon.  I have to remind myself NOT to hurry on the evenings and weekends and still beat everyone at the table.

Lyric RE-writing: This ability has come in handy throughout my life.  It started as the ability to improvise songs on the spot about whatever was annoying me or was on my mind in the moment.  I later used the skill to rewrite lyrics of popular songs for testing.  My students get to hear me rewriting song lyrics all the time especially when I forget the correct words of the song or am giving them instructions via the music.

Commendable Threshold for Pain: I have three tattoos and, although they hurt, the pain was far from unbearable.  I once sat through a root canal after the pain meds wore off……Tears were coming down my cheek as I sat in the chair but I didn’t say a word until the dentist noticed I was silently crying.  Strangely enough, my tolerance for pain does not apply to anyone brushing my hair……

Extreme Sleeping:  If there was an Olympic Sport for sleeping, I would definitely have a place on the American team.  I can sleep for hours.  I’ve always loved sleeping.  Unfortunately, as I’ve gotten older.  My sleeping time has moved.  It used to be from 2-3 am to whatever team I HAD to get up.  Slow it has migrated earlier and earlier until now I eat dinner at senior citizen times just so I can be in bed by 8pm.

Well, there you have it.  Hopefully, my special skills have encouraged to think of me whenever you need a meal eaten in the car or a song rewritten.  Thank you for your consideration and I hope to hear from you soon.



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