The Musical Alphabet

I was recently asked about the musical alphabet in my classroom.  I do not know the original source to credit it properly.  I found it in a file cabinet at my very first school I taught at.  I made a copy, colored it, laminated it, and there you go.

Here’s each small group of letters:

A-Accordion, B-Ballet, C-Clarinet, D-Drum

E-English Horn, F-French Horn, G-Guitar, H-Harp, I-Instruments

J-Jingle Bells, K-Kazoo, L-Lullaby, M-Maracas

N-Notes, O-Oboe, P-Piano

Q-Quartet, R-Recorder, S-Singing, T-Tuba

U-Ukelele, V-Violin, W-Woodblock

X-Xylophone, Y-Yodel, Z-Zither

I’m working on the elements of a word wall because I’d like to expand it.  The kids use it sometimes.  When we’re discussing a topic that is listed, they’ll point it out before I will.  I hope this helps anyone who is looking for a musical alphabet.  I’m sure something like this could be created on the computer using clip-art.  I might try my hand at that…..

Thanks for reading!


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