Bat in the Belfry?

So, it would seem.  I had two of these visitors in the span of 3 days and yes, that’s a bat.  The first time it happened, I cleared the room (safety first) and called maintenance.  This last time, though, I took care of it myself……after clearing the room again (I sure wish I would notice this BEFORE my first class).

Removing a Bat from the Classroom According to Cara:

1.) Clear the Classroom

2.) Using whatever is tall enough, reach for the bat and see if it moves.

3.) If the bat starts flying, scream like a banshee and run out of the room to wait for someone braver to take care of it.  If the bat does NOT start flying, proceed to #4.

4.) Gently shove the bat off its perch on the ceiling to see if it will fall into the trashcan you have placed directly beneath it.  When bat attaches to your poking device, scream like a banshee and shake it off in a panic until it falls to the floor.

5.) Using a broom and dust pan, sweep the bat into the dustpan (HINT: use a tall dustpan, not  one where you have to bend down and put your face near the bat)

6.) Carry the bat (via dustpan) to a safe location away from the the eyes, noise, and stomping feet of the children so hopefully it can continue it’s life (hopefully, I did not kill it.  That was NOT my intention) outside of my classroom.

7.) Resume normalcy as best as possible.


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