It’s a ZOO Out There- 1st Grade Performance

I am a crazy person. There!  I said it.  I’m really good at biting off more than I can chew (in more ways than one) and I don’t seem to realize until I’m right in the midst of my scheme of greatness (aka craziness) that I’m in over my head.

There are 38 more school days and I’m going to be a disaster for most of those.  I won’t bore you with what’s to come and, instead, share what has happened.

1st Grade had their performance this past week.  There were 73 students on stage!!! 73!!  That’s crazy……of course, we’re still not up to 100% of students (which is, of course, the goal) but I call it a success.

The title song and a couple others came from this songbook from Jay Althouse and Sally K Albrecht.  This songbook has songs that have an animals per letter of the alphabet.  We sang “Did You Ever Want to be a Wallaby,” “Absent-Minded Alligator,” and “The Umbrella Bird” from this book.  The kids really got into them.

We also sang:
The Lion Sleeps Tonight (familiar)
Little Green Frog (Silver Burdett Making Music)
Black Snake (Silver Burdett Making Music)
Grizzly Bear (Silver Burdett Making Music)

The students also paraded from the back of the cafeteria to the stage to “Talk to the Animals” by Sammy Davis Jr.

This was also the FIRST program I have used store bought decorations.  Usually I spend hours (upon hours) on decorations that no one cares about because they are just there to see their babies.  I saw these decorations at the party store and couldn’t help myself.  They weren’t expensive and the financial cost of them far outweighed the amount of time it would have take to create something else.

These banners are supposed to be for doors but I put them on either side of the stage.  There was also a banner that says Happy Birthday…..I obviously did not use that.


To decorate the bottom of the stage, I just made mini-collages with cardstock and animals cut-outs that the children colored for me.  (FREE LABOR!!)

THIS was my protection!  At the second grade performance, I was completely distracted by all the little siblings who wanted to come sit by me.  They are way sweet but it is NOT appropriate for me to have to babysit and calm this babies WHILE directing a musical for 70+ students on stage.  I sat behind this cart (closest to the stage) and was completely protected from little friends (until the end when it is perfectly appropriate to come hug your favorite music teacher) 🙂

I did use my cricut to make the title sign but the hangy-down things match the purchased decorations.

This is the entire stage. duh…..

Well, like I said above, it is going to be a CRAZY and busy 38 days.  I will do my best to keep you all in the know but you never know with me……ha!

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “It’s a ZOO Out There- 1st Grade Performance

  1. This is TOTALLY adorable, Cara!! You ARE a crazy music teacher and I am sure you are ADORED by all of your young’uns. Thank you so much for sharing your tales with us. I remember fondly those school plays and musicals and your sharing brings the fond parts back without dragging me back through the mud/muck of rehearsals, costume traumas, and “I’m not good enoughs”. My fondest memories of my OWN schooling, years ago, were of my wonderful music teacher, Mr. Gillespie. Mr. Gillespie was always smiling, and he had big rosy cheeks while he played his accordion for us as accompaniment … “Funiculì, funiculà, funiculì, funiculà!
    Joy is everywhere, funiculì, funiculà! …” (big finish, big finish!!) ….

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

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