Wii Center

Testing season has started.  I feel sorry for our poor babies.  Because of testing and knowing that the poor student brains are on the verge of frying, I’m trying to make music an educational experience but one that is enjoyable to the students.  The Wii center is one of 6 (right now, working on more) centers that the students are going to use in rotations for the next several weeks.  The schedule is so weird that we will probably be doing this until the end though usually the schedule gets even crazier and non-existent.

I have invested in several games for the students to play in the wii center.  My fav is Wii Music.  The students really enjoy jamming and playing the games like Handbell Harmony.  There is also pitch matching and conducting exercises.  I have a couple of the sing it games and rock band games as well but we’re going to ease those in.

I made a poster for each center so the students would know EXACTLY what my expectations are without having to spend SO MUCH TIME practicing them.  Plus, I’m a psycho about some things…..like making sure everything is clean and tidy after being used.  Hey, I teach 850 kids and don’t have the inclination to clean up after them…….and shouldn’t have to.

This is the area where the wii center is.  I had to make it an official area so the other centers wouldn’t migrate over there (though they still try but we’re working on that).

Coming soon: the rest of the centers!

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Wii Center

  1. I haven’t quite the time to develop centers right now, although I LOVE the idea, and I’m going to pick your brain this summer over it. However, the lure of musical video games is a great one, and I’m making mine earn their way to a “Rock Band Party” for their final lesson of the year, on whatever day that falls. If they earn enough points between now and then…I’ll even offer them Dance Central with the Kinect (which I love this thought, because then we could all dance around to each song, and no controllers risked! I’m crossing my fingers for them all to choose that, really…even though I’ve brought my Xbox to schools before and never had anything broken)

  2. Amber,

    So far, the kids LOVE the centers which is good right now with 6th Grade. Ha!

    I thought about the dance games that are available but they already do that in the PE. The gym guys are actually the ones I got the idea from. They had 100 4 year olds engaged with Just Dance for Kids.

    The kids have also taken really good care of the equipment. I’m impressed they follow my crazy rules.


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