Pinterest Win! Teaching Objective Board

I wish I had the original source to credit for this idea and I searched for it high and low on google.  Unfortunately, the original pinner (which could have been me but I don’t remember) did not properly credit the creator either.  I’m sorry anonymous idea sharer!!

Here is the pin that inspired me: Objectives Board and here is another version of the same concept: Certificate frames.

I wouldn’t know how the students feel about it since……I haven’t been at school in the past day and a half.  I may allergic to San Antonio or something.  Ugh……I hate being absent from school.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Pinterest Win! Teaching Objective Board

  1. Very cute! I love the frames. In my classroom I have a cork strip in a weird position high up on one wall. I got a train bulletin board set at the dollar store, labeled the engine “Music Express” and wrote the grade levels K-8 across the top of each train car. I write what we are working on on scrapbook paper or colored card stock and tape it on the train cars. It looks nice and the kids love to check it out at the beginning of the quarter to see what is coming up.

  2. Cute Idea Alicia! So you change it once a quarter? We’re SUPPOSED to have our objectives out for anyone to see when they come in but I’m still trying to find a method I like. I have had positive feedback on this method so far so we’ll see. Thanks for reading!

  3. I change mine quarterly to show my units of study, so it is big themes like recorders or world music. I have tried different ways of doing my lesson objectives. The last thing I was doing was a big pair of eyes wearing eyeglasses with a banner that said Look what we are Learning in Music on the side of my whiteboard. Underneath the sign I had Velcro dots and I would hang up the objectives for each class. It was a pain, it took time, I would forget to change it, etc. My classes are back to back, so it took time to change it and take attendance. We don’t have to post them for each class anymore, so now the objectives are in my lesson plan binder on top of the piano if anyone needs to see them.

    • I agree, it is a lot to change out when you have so many classes. Even most of my classes within grade levels are not on the same lesson. Thanks for the tips!


  4. I’m the anonymous idea sharer! The original pin was of my classroom! Was my first pin I ever created so I didn’t even have a blog or anything to link it to, hence not being able to find where it came from. Sorry! Glad you liked it, I LOVE the flowers you added to yours! I have made a blog since but the only entry is about the objective frames. 🙂 Something to work on for the future I suppose!


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