Computer Center

This center is another one of the kid’s favorites.  I wish I had more than one computer for them to use but you do what you gotta do.  They use the computer that is connected to the interactive white board so at least all the kids can see and hear (I send it through the main speakers).   It works pretty well for right now.


The students can go to any of the websites in my Music Education Sites for Kids LiveBinder.  Here are some samples of some of the sites.  The Livebinder is also available for ANYONE to use so feel free to use mine or create your own using links.


I like that the students are using the IWB because I can see exactly what they are doing from anywhere in the room.  Since that is the only center where there are variables beyond my control, I like that they know I can see whatever they’re doing.  There’s no getting away from me……muah, ha ha!

Thanks for reading!


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