Listening Center

This is #3 is my center series.  The listening center is a great way for students to focus on exactly what they are hearing.  While at the center, the students complete a “listening guide” (shown below).  It’s not meant to be anything hard but it helps get them thinking about what they are hearing.

Here are some examples of what students have done so far (just this week really).  I also have my example that I have up for the kids to see so they know what I’m wanting when they turn it in.


The actual center is one of my purchases this year.  It came with four sets of quality headphones and the sound board to connect them all to.  The stereo was also in my classroom but wasn’t in use since I use my computer for everything.

I wish the cords didn’t look so messy but, oh well…..the students are still in training.

In other news, I found out this morning that specials are going to end two weeks early.  There is construction going on during the summer and everyone else has to move (thankfully, not me).  I’m kind of disappointed that I only have five more weeks with my kids but relieved because I’m running out of steam.  I have 5 pre-k performances, 2 kinder performances, and a choir concert to prepare for in those weeks.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

I hope everyone has a restful weekend.  I’m going to be building sets for pre-k musicals.

Thanks for reading!

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