Composer Center

This center, unfortunately, is not the most fun center.  I welcome suggestions on how to make this center more fun.  I’m tried to have students read a bio about a composer of their choice and create a one-pager (one page creation including words and pictures) but that was too hard to accomplish in the amount of time.

I recently found a website that is, supposedly, for home school music learning but, hey, whatever works.  There are composer biographies for the difference historical eras of music and the children complete an activity based on what they read. The website also includes links to the composer’s most famous works in a printable format.

Our composer for the month is Johannes Brahms. After reading the biography as a group or individually, the students complete a Job Application as the composer found HERE.  I chose this activity because it has the children look for the most pertinent information.  I do wish it wasn’t basically regurgitating information.  Again, any suggestions on making this center, not only more enjoyable, but more beneficial than copying facts.  There is also a word search to go with it.  I like the word search because it doesn’t give a word bank.  The children have to decide which words are the most important and find THOSE words in the search.  The children DO NOT like that at all but I do because of the higher order thinking involved.

As of right now, all grade levels that are doing centers (3rd-6th) are doing the same thing in the composer center.  Since I’m still working on it.  I figure I can keep the same for this year and then plan for something different for next year.  I don’t know….there are so many thoughts going through my brain right now.  I may be obsessed with my job just a bit.

Oh well……like I’ve said before, I have to have something to obsess over or I’m just not satisfied with life.

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9 thoughts on “Composer Center

  1. If you had an extra computer, then you could have students listen to the composer bio on There’s also a bio sheet with an activity that goes with each composer as well.

  2. I’ve never done composers in a center before. I usually play a game – we call it “THE GAME.” I take the facts about the composer/musician I want the kids to learn and put one fact on a notecard. It takes several. Then at the end of the fact, I put a direction such as “now turn off the lights.” The next card starts with, “when someone turns out the lights, say: ” and their fact. And so on and so forth. The kids love this!

    However, there are some books about composers as children, I think by Scholastic, that might be more interesting in a center. I also have an old book called Musical Mysteries which has information about composers with some games to go along. It’s pretty fun.

    • Thanks for the tips! I do have some of those books but I haven’t much luck with reading in a center. The students get too distracted by what’s going on around the room.
      Thanks for reading!

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  5. I have the kids make brochures describing the period, city, music, and composer. I tell them to pretend they are selling time travel vacations to avid music lovers who only love the best. The brochure is the only thing they get to choose where they want to go. Then I have younger grade levels be the “time traveller” and choose the best brochure. That winner gets a prize.

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