Game Center

Okay, now it’s time for what I like to call “Common Sense with Cara.”

If you do not know how to play a game, what do you do?

These are the answers I get: “ask the teacher” (because she is not busy enough), “don’t play it” (because being idle and doing nothing is acceptable)…..there are more but I won’t cause any more eye-rolls than I’ve done already.

Seriously, people?!?!  There are these magical things called directions that tell you exactly what to do.  I guess I could take the time to actually teach every grade level how to play each individual game but that, in and of itself, would take weeks and we wouldn’t even get to do centers.  Some groups do a wonderful job at this……it is quite frustrating when students don’t take the time to figure out an answer on their own before coming up to me.

Of course, I’ve had the following conversations this week regarding the other centers:

“Miss C, the wii isn’t working.” “Did you turn it on?” “Oh…”

“Miss C, the wii still isn’t working.” “Did you turn the tv on?” “Oh….”

“Miss C, I can’t hear the music in the listening center.” “Did you turn the volume up?” “Oh……”

“Miss C, the headphones don’t work.” “Are they plugged in?” “Oh……”

I didn’t mean for this post to turn into a rant but SERIOUSLY children!!!! I’m actually quite a patient person but this is driving me bonkers.  Again, it’s not everyone…..just enough to cause a rant.

So, here’s the game center poster.  It’s pretty self-explanatory and the games cover basic things we’ve learned during the year.  There are several for them to choose from.

Sorry for the rant and thanks for reading!




For additional information about the centers in my classroom: follow the links below:
Wii Center
Computer Center
Listening Center
iPod Center
Composer Center


4 thoughts on “Game Center

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  2. I LOVE your ideas for centers! Question: how do you space them so that noise levels stay reasonable? I’m looking into movable partitions for my room so I can do multiple activities at once but I’d love some input!

    • I tell ya, it can be loud. I try to use the entire room as much as possible. I have done partitions. I would have the concern of not being able to see a glance that everyone was on task. Some might take advantage.

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