These are a few of my favorite things…..

I am so stressed out.  Seriously, I’m heading toward a mental break.

Instead of bore you with the stresses and bothers of my life.  I’m going to share my favorite things RIGHT NOW.

NOTE: These are not in the order of importance but in the order I thought of them.  Also, there are no people on this list.

Monterrey Jack Cheese

Coco (my dog)

Dr. Pepper (can’t live without it)

Subway (eat fresh!)

iPad 2

iPhone 4s

British historical dramas

USA Today crosswords

Sun Chips (a new discovery)

Pocket App (formerly Read It Later)

Pinterest (still)

My blog (yep, you’re on it)




Macbook Pro



The Office (tv show though my actual office is quite nice)

Sweaters (little miniature ones that serve not other purpose but style)

Pajama pants (my at-home uniform)

Air conditioning

Craft shopping

My new shoes

La Playa Maya (best quesadillas ever!)

Chuys (love their fajitas)

Pasados (love their everything)

HEB (the grocery store)


Thinking about the cruse my family is going on next month

My new giant crafting board

My bed that feels like I’m sleeping on cloud

Star Trek (yep, I’m a trekkie)

Ross Dress for less

The color black


Tempera paint

Dominos cheesy bread

Having an office at school

Teaching music

Pre-k students



Downton Abby (see British historical dramas)

British accents

Basketball shorts (to wear not for any other reason…..)

Ben Folds

Ingrid Michaelson

San Antonio weather (there was almost NOT winter….Yay)

Victoria Secret Outlet

Cricut Expression 2

Cricut Gypsy

“Turning Page” from the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack (don’t judge)

Paper (in general)

The new fans I bought for my classroom


Binder clips


Thanks for reading!



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