Pre-K Musicals Part 1: Goldie and the Bears

One of the biggest changes this year has been adding pre-k 3 and pre-k 4 to my class schedule.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been challenging but I’ve really enjoyed it.  They are so precious (and, yes, crazy at times).  I absolutely love it.

Since I’m committed to having performance opportunities for EVERYONE, I had the new challenge of creating a performance that is learning centered and age appropriate for them.  The pre-k 4s spent last week performing Milliken Musicals.

I saw these at TMEA this year and fell in love with the short and singable songs and pure cuteness.  Also, they were CHEAP!  $17.95 each and I bought all 6.  I plan on rotating them around the pre-k classes FOREVER!!

Okay, that was the introduction, here is the official PART 1!


I used five of the plays and each class did a play on their own.  It was CRAZY work but worth it……I can say that now since it is over. 🙂

We had the plays in the eye-max which is a meeting room/presentation venue.  It made the performances much more informal.  There were no microphones and  just some simple sets and costumes.  As you can see the bears back there in the forest and our simple table (which is actually the bench to a keyboard.  Though it looks simple, it was A LOT of work getting all that together (x5!).

The bears’ masks are made out of paper plates with a bear face cut out using the Cricut Animal Kingdom Cartridge.

The sets were painted on cardboard trifolds so they would stand up on their own.  Thank you tempera paint for being cheap because it took several coats.

This is what the eyemax floor looks like.  We had a good crowd of parents each day.  The children on the sides are our trees and flowers.  Their head-gear was made with make-your-own tiaras from JoAnns and some statue of liberty kits that I found in my storage closet at school (score some for the freebie!).  The flowers and leaves were cut out using the Cricut Accent Essentials cartridge.

Well, there is part 1 of this series.  Stay tuned to Parts 2, 3, 4…..goodness gracious!  I AM crazy!

Thanks for reading!


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