Pre-K Musicals Part 2: The Little Red Hen

Welcome to Part 2 of the Pre-K Musicals Series!

Each of the plays had a narrator from the administrative staff.  The Little Red Hen had my fabulous principal (and no, I’m not sucking up….she doesn’t even read this…she might…..I don’t know but there it is….) as the narrator.  May I also add that the Superintendent made an appearance at ALL performances.  Since the superintendent in my last district (who is a nice person, I’m not saying that) made it to maybe two performances all year.

Okay, let me say, I am quite proud of the kitchen for this play.  The masks (which are actually visors so we could see the children’s faces, turned out cute too.  In this picture, you see the hen, the chicks and the cats.

A close-up of the cats and their pillow (which they DID fight over the entire show) :/

Another shot of the entire eye-max

It was called the Little Red Hen but the Steal-Eyed Fox was the one who stole the show.

The hen and her chicks circling around (the same) table (from Goldie and the Bears) to eat their freshly baked bread.  The children could not believe that fake bread looked so realistic.  Thank you Hobby Lobby!

Every class got their curtain call.  Check out the cows and the pigs. 🙂

Thank you for reading!


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