Organization is so pretty…..

Remember this?

And this?

Well, the transformation is just about complete.  Beefer came to visit me this weekend and offered me about 20 “shoebox” containers from her closet she recently cleaned out.  Sight unseen, I said I’d take them because I LOVE organization (even if I’m not always the best at keeping it organized).

Aren’t they the perfect fit for this piece of furniture?  I made the labels out of some sticky notes I had from Target.  I’m so excited about how nice it looks, I’m almost sad that it’s the end of the school year and no one will see it until August!  This will, hopefully, end all of the “which cubby are the card games in?” and “where are the pencils?”  Hopefully is the key word in that sentence. Ha!

Anyway, THANK YOU Beefer for your generosity.  I had a wonderful weekend hanging out with you and not just because you give me awesome things. 🙂 Crrrrrrrrrrackelrre Barrrrrrellll!!!!

Thanks for reading!


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