Things I didn’t know…. (could spontaneously combust!)

There is a lot that I don’t know about the world.  I mean, really, isn’t that everyone?

For example, I didn’t know I could catch poison ivy from my dog’s fur and now have a breakout on my left hand (my wrapped-up fingers make this post randomly difficult to type, btw).

Well, while working on the sets for the pre-k plays previously posted, I learned something that I guess should’ve crossed my mind but it didn’t.  It started innocently enough.  I was using my glue gun to make the costumes/masks for the various characters in the plays.  I had gone across the room to cut animal faces on my cricut expression 2 and I’m glad I was across the room because my glue gun burst into flames.  No joke, it spontaneously combusted!  Luckily, it was only a small fire and I was able to blow it out and then dispose of the ruined glue gun.

Did anyone else know that could happen?  I know it’s hot and plugged into an outlet and all but, seriously?!?!  Crazy biz.  It’s a good thing I had an extra glue gun so I didn’t have to run out to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Any one else have a story of spontaneous combustion to share?


4 thoughts on “Things I didn’t know…. (could spontaneously combust!)

    • Good idea on contacting the manufacture, Elizabeth. I just need to figure out who it is. My other one is the same, I think. It was plugged into a surge protector. I think it probably got overheated?

  1. Well, I did know about the poison ivy, because that’s happened to me before, but eeeek, I did not know about the glue gun. I always stress unplugging it when finished a project and/or leaving my craft room — and was horrified one time when I learned I left it plugged in overnight. Luckily, nothing major happened (THANK GOD!), but your story has put the Fear of God in me. A little fire, even one that could be blown out, would spread like wildfire in my mess and burn the house down. Thank you for the reminder, and I’m glad you’re safe!
    Itchy, but safe!

    Elleln ♥ CardMonkey

  2. There are several things about this story that I like. One is imagining you in that moment of total freak-out. The other is that you already had a spare glue gun. 🙂

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