Cruise 2012 Pt 1: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted!

So, I am not the most “doer-y” kind of person.  I have grand plans but am not the best at follow-through on ideas like graduate school, travel, craft booths…. It may run in the family….as in my family spent evenings talking about all the fancy and extravagant things without actually doing most of them.  Maybe that is everyone?

Well, we actually did something!  Caitlan has a thing for lighthouses (see post here) and so we went to see some via a Carnival Cruise to Canada!  We just got back a couple days ago so you, my faithful readers, now get to experience our experience.

Now I know there may be some who don’t care but, if you’re interested in taking a Carnival cruise, I can offer a fresh perspective.  This is actually my second cruise.  I went on the Carnival Celebration to Cozumel  in high school with my drill team.  We actually got to dance on the ship which was quite fun…..of course, taking a cruise to Mexico  while your classmates are in school is quite awesome.  

My mom went as a sponsor on that trip (she wasn’t so keen on the idea of sending her teenager to a foreign country alone) so it doesn’t really qualify as a family vacation.  Our last family vacation was a few months later when my parents took Caitlan and I to Las Vegas.

We had a blast to say the least.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize it would be our last family vacation due college for me, college for Cait, summer school, first jobs and, sadly, my father’s death in 2009.  I’m not trying to make this a sad post…..I promise. 🙂

If you’ve every lost someone extremely close to you, you know how hard it is to accept and move into a “new normal.”  It definitely was a new experience to go on a “family vacation” without him but we still had a fantastic time.

Here is a preview of our trip!  Look forward to the rest of the experience.

Thanks for reading!



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