Cruise 2012 Pt 3: Our Home Away From Home

I truly believe cruises are the way to go.  In the price of our cruise, we got lodging, meals (oh the meals) and entertainment on the boat.  On our last cruise, 4 of us stayed in an interior room where the beds folded out from the walls.  That wasn’t the best.  I felt like I was in a box.

For this cruise, we spent a little extra for the luxury of a balcony room.  It was quite a bit more space not even including the balcony.  There were two twin sized beds (that can be pushed together to make a king) and a couch/3rd bed.

The balcony was awesome to say the least.  It was so nice to wake up to the ocean and go out there on a whim…..I frequently went out there in my pjs because I could.

Isn’t my sister gorgeous?

Of course, it was always a treat to come in after our evening activities to find:

Now, I won’t go into the embarrassing (not for me) information about all this disaster:

but I will say that, next time, I will bring some heavy duty ear-plugs. 🙂

So will Caitlan…..

Okay, end on a pretty picture:

Thanks for reading!

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