34 thoughts on “Cara’s Classroom 2012

  1. Hey I love your music room! Beautiful! I’m just wondering where did you get the choral risers? I’m looking for some like that to purchase

  2. Absolutely great classroom you’ve designed, you children must love their music lessons!

    I’m currently trying put together some decorations for my music classrooms over 4 centres in Hong Kong. Are there any ‘must have’ posters, flash cards, pictures etc. that you can recommend?

    Thank you,


    Music Head Teacher, LZYE

  3. LOVE, love, loved the room… love the colors and organization. I like the 4 A’s of audience but couldn’t get all the definitions read, did you make that up or find it somewhere? I liked your tempo pictures, although I couldn’t see them that close either….so I couldn’t tell… did you make them yourself or did you buy them?

  4. Hi, Cara! So MANY wonderful ideas! 🙂 I’m Pinning it for Winter Break. My classroom needs a makeover. 🙂

    Just curious…what grade levels do you teach? You have a lot of space–you have used it well!


  5. How did you make your risers? Did someone make them for you? Would you happen to have the directions? Thanks a bunch! I love your room!

    • Linzi,

      My risers were actually already in the classroom when I came. I will ask around and see if anyone knows and get back with you. 🙂

      Thanks for reading!


      • Cara – very festive and functional room! I, too, would love to know how your risers were built. My PE teacher is quite a woodworker…..maybe he can figure them out, too. Will ask. How many kids do you fit on those when seated? Some of our classes when doubled are approaching 50 kids…..

        Las Vegas

  6. Fun Classroom! I too teach music and am always on the search for new decor ideas! I love your music alphabet too. I might steal that idea for next school year!

  7. I love your classroom set up!! I am going into my second year of teaching general music and am always looking for ideas. Did you make the posters yourself? Do you use a specific program? Would you be able to post them?

    • Kelly,

      I do make the posters in my room (anchor charts, center signs, etc). I’ve been using powerpoint. I bought Photoshop recently and hope to mess around and start using that too.



    • Unfortunately, I have NO idea where you can find it. I found it in a file cabinet. There are several wonderful musical word walls out there.

      Sorry I don’t have better information!


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