Surprise! It’s Mom’s Birthday!

Doesn’t she look surprised?!? Here’s a secret:  she had an inkling…..mostly because she knows me TOO well!

So, for those who missed it, here is a run-down of her party.

Amazing cake from Jeri’s Back Home Bakery

North Side Baptist Church (in our hometown)

Delicious Party Spread courtesy of Chef Caitlan, Chef Mandi, and Chef Cara

Guest Book by Curt Coffey Photography

For the guest book table and gift table, we compiled a “memory collage.”  I will admit that I did some light stealing from my nana’s house and Mom’s house but I promise everything was returned.


The centerpieces (like the memory table) are a collection of my mom’s past and present.

The photo is (obviously) my mother.  The cup and saucer are antiques that are hers (that she gave to me to sell on etsy but I never did).  The antique fork (random, I know) is also hers.  She didn’t realize all her stuff would clean up so nicely and now she wants it back.  Ha!  The closed book is a hymnal because she is the pianist at our church and has been playing in churches since she was teenager.  The open children’s book represents her profession teaching children and, most recently, helping children succeed in reading.  The canvas letter spell out words to describe her.  The yarn represents her hobby of crocheting.  Finally, the lace is vintage from my grandmother’s (my father’s mother) sewing kit that I inherited.

Here are the rest of the centerpieces:

All in all, I would say a good party.  You can tell how worn-out the hostesses are.  Ha!

Thanks for reading and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!!

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