Thanksgiving/Autumn Wreath

After making the snowman wreath and getting so many compliments on my Halloween/Wicked Witch wreath, I decided to add an Autumn wreath into the rotation to fill the gap between Halloween and Christmas.  Of course, this is for school because I don’t decorate at home.  I guess I just don’t see the point since I’m the only one that gets to enjoy it.  Besides, I’m kind of wary of putting things outside of my apartment to get stolen.  I don’t even keep my welcome mat outside all the time.

Anyway,  here is my Autumn creation:


I’m a little irked that the turkey isn’t straight with the hanger but, oh well.  It doesn’t both me enough to take it apart and redo it.  All the fabric are Calico prints from Joann.  The ribbon is from Michael’s 2011 Christmas season.

The turkey is made of two styrofoam balls that I painted brown (that was randomly a difficult chore), the face is made from fabric and part of a rubberband (plus the obvious googly eyes).

After initially “finishing,” I thought something was missing so I added this small arrangement of fabric flowers.  The two big poofs are pieces from the same Calico fabrics.  The smaller twisted rosette was formed by braiding lace and rolling into a spiral.  The gold hearts were hodgepodge pieces I picked up at a garage sale.

So, that’s is my most recent project.  Thoughts?

Thanks for reading!




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