“Big Chill (Hoping for a Snow Day)” Performance

big chill performance info


Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned…..sometimes they are better!  I had originally planned to a concert of Christmas songs with fifth grade but, on the first day of working on it, the kids told me they had already done the majority of the songs (and same arrangements) with their former music teacher.  Well, that’s not fun.

Anyway, I pulled out this book from the file cabinet and decided to give it a whirl.  The kids LOVED it.  We divided into two groups (by class so I could keep them separate to teach them) since it was two-part and because half of the students acted as students and the others acted as teachers.

Here are the images from fifth grade’s success:

Big chill performance


Fifth grade is a tad smaller than the other grades.  55 students participated and did a fantastic job.

big chill performance

big chill performance

big chill performance decorations

Don’t you love my red tape!  Haha!  This was my attempt to keep wandering fingers away from the decorations during breakfast and lunch.  The lunch monitors have the children leave their classroom bags and bathroom passes on the stage.  There are usually jackets and trash bags on the stage.  Anyway, I didn’t want to worry about accidents all day.

big chill performance decorations

These awesome snowflakes were made by one of the fifth grade teachers.  Everyone was so impressed.  Aren’t the beautiful?  She needs to teach me how to make them.

big chill performance decorations

The smaller snowflakes were made by volunteers.  THANK YOU volunteers!  This was the fastest decorating I’ve every done because every single fifth grade teacher helped creating decorations and most of them came to help set-up.  Also two parents showed to help out too.  YAY!!!

big chill performance snow man decorations

This was my contribution (since I had so many awesome volunteers).  I first saw this guy on pinterest as a classroom room decoration.  Mine does not look as perfect but he’s still cute.  If you can’t tell, he is made completely out of styrofoam cups.  His scarf was actually made by my sister, Caitlan.  She gave it to me as a gift but it looked perfect for a snowman.

Thanks for reading!

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