Welcome Spring Semester

I don’t know about you but the end of the semester wreaks havoc on my classroom.  With three performances between Thanksgiving and Christmas (because I’m crazy), there was so much going on, I couldn’t keep up with the mess.  Also, three performance meant three separate sets of decorations.  It was wild!

Anyway, I spent a few hours (okay like 15) at the end of Christmas break putting everything back in order.  I also moved some things that needed a better location and fixed some things that had been falling down.

Here is the (almost) finished product.  I actually have some other things left to do. 🙂

classrom photos miscellaneousme


Photo Jan 05, 5 57 06 PM

miscellaneousme classroom photos

Photo Jan 05, 5 57 12 PM

Photo Jan 05, 5 56 48 PM


Side note: That vinyl keyboard on the wall is almost as old as me.  My mom used it when she taught piano lessons.  It is a new addition.

Photo Jan 05, 5 59 29 PM


My office also got quite the clean-up.  It was a disaster as well!

miscellaneousme classroom

And, finally, the storage closet got it’s much needed clean out and up.

Now I can take on the Spring Semester with a clean and happy classroom….and maybe keep up with it better since the rest of the year’s programs are bit more spread out (one a month, with the exception of May).  We’ll see.

Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome Spring Semester

  1. Hi Cara
    Thanks again for the gorgeous Anchor posters..I love them and the kids thought they were terrific as they came in last week and saw them up!
    Wondered if you had the same sharing file for the Tempo pictures I see on your wall? They look gorgeous! Best Wishes from Canberra, Australia

  2. Love the anchor charts and the eye candy pics of your classroom. I teach on a cart, so I’m totally jealous LOL…but I can still project the charts on a smartboard when I teach that concept, which is great.

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