Welcome to My Classroom Sign

Being on a military base, we have students coming and going all the time.  I don’t know about you, fellow teachers, but I don’t like being called “miss,” “teacher,” or any other variation of that.  I try very hard (TRY is the key word) to learn all 800+ names of my students.  I’m pretty successful though I do occasionally mix up siblings…….which is funny since that totally happening to my siblings and I.

ANYWAY, to help my kids out, I post my name in conspicuous places (like the piano and the entrance).  It also helps that my name is a particularly well-known beverage.

Whatevs…..the point is I put together this little piece of decor for my classroom.

Photo Jan 04, 7 25 13 PM


3 thoughts on “Welcome to My Classroom Sign

  1. I had been planning to put a sign on my door with my name but then my district decided to drop some major moolah on shiny new nameplates for all the teachers in the district. But I do like the idea of putting another one somewhere in the room. I especially like the idea of putting it on the piano. Unfortunately, since I teach not only elementary but also middle school choir, my piano as well as the rest of the surface area in my room is covered already. I might just have to have the maintenance workers being me a ladder so I can start putting things closer to the ceiling! Lol

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