2nd Grade Performance: This Old Gingerbread House

This Old Gingerbread House Program


I chose Teresa Jenning’s “This Old Gingerbread House” for 2nd grade’s performance this year.  It was actually a last minute (by last minute, I mean I chose it in the fall rather than last year) decision because I hadn’t chosen a kinder musical yet.  I pushed the 1st and 2nd grade ones I had previous chosen a grade level down so, this year, 1st grade will be doing “Too Much Noise” which ironically fits them as a grade level.  Ha!  Kinder will be doing a “Barnyard Moosical.”  I haven’t started it yet but we shall see how it goes.

“This Old Gingerbread House” tells the story of Hansel and Gretel AFTER their experience with the witch in the gingerbread house.  They have taken over the mortgage on the gingerbread house but it is falling apart due to their neighbors eating the house.  Their neighbors fell terrible about what they’ve done so they apologize and help in fixing the home.  At the end, they present the rebuilt house to Hansel and Gretel.  It really is quite previous.

this old gingerbread house stage


I had 72 children perform (89% of the grade level) so the stage was pretty full.  Going from five risers to four to accommodate the gingerbread house in the middle of stage increased the “fullness” of the stage.  Luckily, 2nd graders aren’t very big.  Kudos to our fantastic art teacher for creating the gingerbread house!

This old gingerbread house hansel and gretel


I know…..the faces look weird being blocked out.  But, isn’t Hansel adorable?!?!  He is such a precious little boy and he can SING!

this old gingerbread house stage


Yuck!  I look awful in this picture but this is the only one I could find that had some of the other decorations in the picture to show.  The pieces that are hanging are balls wrapped in tissue paper and cellophane to represent candy.  The bottom of the stage is covered in green paper (I’ve become accustomed to covering the bottom of the stage because it’s unattractive) and I covered frisbees in tissue paper and cellophane with white paper strips as suckers.  The boxes in front are used by the “builders” and are marked as flour, sugar, cinnamon, etc.

Anyway, it was a success to say the least.  We had a packed house of parents.  I can’t wait until we have our new auditorium to better fit the crowd.

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3 thoughts on “2nd Grade Performance: This Old Gingerbread House

  1. I teach K-5 and was wondering what kind of support do you get when putting your wonderful programs together. I, like you, have one grade level (or more sometimes- it depends on what’s going on) perform. I am a crazy music lady running around like a chicken with no head! I combine my classes with art, gym, and library, and practice all the kids at the same time in the gym until the show date. This runs me raggedy- BUT I love to see the kids perform and do it WELL! My major hurdle is that when we have performances in the evening- hardly anyone shows up! My school has well over 800 kids and we have had FIVE kids show up for and evening performance. Doing shows during the school day conflicts with the lunch schedule. Gotta feed all those kids! We don’t have an auditorium. We have the gymnasium/auditorium/cafeteria set up…….. le sigh.

  2. I like your efforts and I too have problems with attendance from the participants as well as for the audience. Rehearsal time is tough to get. Either I give up a lot of time to teach a musical rather than general music or I have a lame performance. One thing I am going to try this year is to get my administrators to allow me to give a “Free Dress Pass” to everyone who attends a performance. Let me know how things have gone since this post. Check out my website/blog as well. http://LarryShudra.wordpress.com

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