First Flea Market Booth/Modern Lux Photography

A few weeks ago, I decided (rather spur of the moment) to have a booth at the monthly flea market on base.  It was an experiment… I won’t repeat.  It was more garage sale that craft vendors so I wasn’t too successful.  I mean, I made enough to cover my expenses but I actually did better with my work colleagues than at the flea market.  Anyway, here is my meager first time booth.

flea market booth

I had hairbows and headbands made so that’s what I took to sell.  You can see there are also a lot of random clocks.  Those are from a craft project that didn’t pan out so I decided to sell those as well.  They were actually more popular than the bows.  Sheesh….

booth clocks and bows

table booth at flea market

If you see my iPad at the end of the table.  I made a slideshow of my other crafts to play with the some music.  The music was quickly drowned out by someone with bigger speakers.  The sun made my slideshow almost impossible to see.  I did have several offers to purchase it but that wasn’t going to happen.

flea market table

The one successful part of the flea market was meeting Sharon from Modern Lux Photography.  She had a booth across from mine and saw my headbands.  She purchased a couple for a shoot she had and sent me the pics.  Yay!



MarquitaJoeNewborn2013-10photos courtesy of Modern Lux Photography

So, there was success.  I just think I may do better on Etsy or at a craft mall.  Hmmmmm…..we’ll see.

Thanks for reading!

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