Symbaloo – Bookingmarking Tool and Resource

So, I am in love with a bookmarking site called  So far, I’ve mainly used it to bookmark videos for movement in the classroom but it has so many possibilites.

symbaloo board

I have started boards for composers and listening videos as well as some games for when we do centers.  As you can see it is visual so the kids can see exactly what they are choosing.  Anyway, fellow teachers, check it out!  I see endless possibilities.

symbaloo example


Thanks for reading!

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9 thoughts on “Symbaloo – Bookingmarking Tool and Resource

  1. Got a question for you. Have you been able to do anything with You Tube Videos and transferring them so they can be shown in the classroom? At one time I was using Zamzar and now I can’t use that either. I have found so many short clips that I would like to use in my classroom and You Tube is blocked at my school. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I think you are fabulous!

    Josie Smith Elementary Music Rockenbaugh Elementary 817-949-4705


    • We are not blocked at my school but I do try to filter them through safe share beforehand so as not to be accosted by ads. I’ve used Realplayer Downloader before and it works well if your connection is blocked. You just have to download them at home for school use.

    • Hello! Just found this blog through another link, but wanted to share the new app MacTubes which I am in love with so far. It is a YouTube Browser. You can download videos straight from YouTube to your desktop using it. Very sweet!

  2. Ditto to Josie- I used to do the same when YouTube was blocked at our school. I’m still a bif RealPlayer fan but it’s easier now I can access YT in the classroom. (The kids still can’t access it though.)

    I hadn’t come acorss Symbaloo before but might give it a go. I already bookmark videos on YouTube but don’t like that they automatically play the whole list when I go to them.

    Do you have a link to the Symbaloo pages you have already made? Are these able to be seen by others, or are they private links?

    regards, Lou

  3. Just another thought here upon looking into Symbaloo further.. is there an advantage/disadvantage to using the site you chose over SymbalooEdu?

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  5. How did you get the video pictures to show up on the tiles in the symbaloo? Did you have to save an image to your computer first? That seems like so much work, I may stick with my portaportals. Although I love the visual aspect of the symbaloo!

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