Decorating My New Home




I recently moved from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom apartmenty-townhouse.  I am excited about it.  I didn’t really decorate the previous apartment because……I don’t really know why……I guess it never felt like home to me.  I was never inspired to decorate it.  This place feels more like home.

After deciding to continue using the main living space for crafting, I hung my lovely giraffe that I love so much.

craft room


Then, I created a collage out of random frames I’ve collected.  I added some Michael’s frames (clearance!) as well as some wooden pieces that I picked up.
Collage for craft roomIt’s not finished.




On to the next room:

Check out this monstrosity!

Photo Jun 28, 1 34 23 PM


This is awful.  It lived in the top of my mom’s closet for years.  It didn’t make it to my eyes until we were cleaning out the old house to prepare for Mom’s move.  Apparently, it was a gift from my Dad’s mother…..rough!

I wonder who rolled over in their grave when I hammered that out?

repurposed frame


Did I mention there were two?

frame repurpose


And created a collage with some other antiques….

repurposed antiques


The giant frame was greenish with a mirror in it that was perpetually for sale in our garage sales.  Obviously, no one ever bought it…..because it was WAY over-priced…..and, let’s be honest, he didn’t really want to get rid of anything.  Ha!  The little frames came with the tiles and I just repainted them black.  They were also in the garage sale antiques.  Sorry it’s crooked…I apparently can not hang things straight.

antiques repurposed


And, the rest of my favorite pieces: the Van Gogh on the wall (obviously, fake but I love it) and the ikea frame that doesn’t look as cheap as it was.

ikea frame



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