It’s Okay to Not Know…..

I grade on participation.  That’s it.  That’s all my students have to do to earn the highest possible grade in my class.  You’d think that would be easy.  Participate……Try……..I’m not even a crazy stickler for how hard they try if they are giving me some effort because I understand that music is not everyone’s thing.  Plus, I was quite the shy child growing up (no one believes me but it’s true) so I understand that not everyone is going to be excitedly raising their hand or singing at the top of their lungs.  Some students are not risk-takers.  Some students have a lot going on in their lives (parent deployment, bullying, etc.)  I’m not a pushover but I’m fair (Note: fair is not equal) yet there are always a couple students that require more reminders than the majority.

Note: a participation grade is not a form of assessment.  Participating in my class does not guarantee that students are proficient in the objectives we are working on.  I already fight to be taken seriously as a teacher but that’s a whole other soapbox that I won’t get to.

Even though my students know my expectations, participation can sometimes be a battle.  It is not a frequent battle because, not to brag but, I’m good at my job.  I’m good at creating quality and enjoyable lessons.  I’m not the best music teacher ever but I strive to be some day.  Even still, participation can sometimes be like pulling teeth.

I found this phrase on Pinterest and redesigned it for my classroom.  It’s not going to solve every problem but it is a visual reminder I can point to.  Enjoy!
It's okay to not know poster

it's okay to not knowBirdy Version is available for download in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store

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