Kindergarten Weeks 3-4: Sound Exploration Part 1

kindergarten slide

Week 3:

Kindergarten starts their sound exploration unit with voice functions.  This lesson seems a little too easy and obvious but it is one of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills so we do it.

my voices

We practice each voice and discuss places and situations where we use each voice.  Then we sing a couple songs that use both singing and speaking voices for the children to practice switching back and forth.   Again, too easy but at least the children are successful in my classroom right off the bat.

allison's camel

This rendition is from the wonderful Beth at Beth’s Music Notes.  We also sing “Five Little Monkeys” and practice using our whisper and shouting voices during the song as well.

I briefly assess students using this worksheet I found on Pinterest. We do it as a class to save time and resources.

voice location quiz

I throw in some movement to get the wiggles out before they head back to class.  Fun! Fun!

Resources: Recordings of IMP and “Five Little Monkeys”, Kinder PPT, Symbaloo Dances

Week 4:

This is one of my favorite lessons.  We start off with reading……

listening walk

I found this book at convention last year and fell in love because I never could quite explain it right before.  After reading the story, the children are ready to go on their own listening walk adventure. We started in my classroom and identified sounds like the projector, the buzz of the sound system, my shoes squeaking because I was swaying (ha!) and the air conditioning on the inside.  I work on a very open campus.  If you don’t know, I’m in my own building by myself.  The main office is in a building with 2nd-4th.  5th & 6th have their classroom with some HS science labs in another building.  1st grade has their own building with the nurse and the art teacher.  PreK and Kinder have their own building.  The Jr/Sr. High School is right next door too.  We’re a close district.  We started our listening walk by going outside where the walkways to my classroom and the high school meet.  The older students were changing classes so we listened and identified sounds such as walk, air conditioning, talking, yelling, door slamming, etc.  Then, we walked to the band hall (band was not in session unfortunately) but we listened to classroom sounds and the children LOVED going to a part of the school they’d never been before.  Then, we walked outside the band hall and found the construction zone.  We are building a new auditorium (yeah!) and classrooms for the district.  There is also renovation for the elementary gym and elementary cafeteria going on but I won’t go into that mess.  Anyway, they have been tearing down the existing buildings this week so that was an interesting destination for our listening walk.


construction 2

Unfortunately, our time was over following our listening walk so we will continue environmental sounds next week.

Resources: Listening Walk book, recording of IMP

Thanks for reading!

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