Music Connections YET AGAIN!

There is an updated link to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store where a similar bulletin board (some graphics had to be changed for commercial use).

My first Music Connections Bulletin Board looked like this.  It’s not bad or anything.  I’m not a huge fan of the pink cheetah print but I already had it.  All the letters were cut using my cricut.

Connections Board Pt 2

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So, the next year, I redid it with new fabric and some cute border I just LOVE.

music connections again

Again, I used the Cricut.  Herein lies the problem……each of those letters, circles, and everything has to be attached.  I use permanent glue for the elements in each piece and then staple the main pieces to the bulletin board.  Even with children not running their hands all over it (I don’t understand it either), pieces started to bend and peel.  I COULD laminate it but I don’t really like how laminating looks and, let’s be real, laminators are not always dependable.  I’ve ruined just as much stuff as I’ve saved by…

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