Rhythm Whack-A-Note Games

Whack-A-Note Games can be used to review concepts and be used in a game day.    These activities also facilitate on-the-go assessment of which students have the concept and how the group as a whole is progressing.

Materials: Whack-a-Note file, projector, something for students to “whack” with.  I use giant flyswatters from Dollar Tree but you can use anything including the children’s hands  (beware of injuries if you go this route).

1.) Divide the class into three or four groups (as many as props to “whack” with.

2.) Instruct children to line up in relay lines.

3.) The teacher claps a rhythm from the page and the first person to “whack” it earns a point for their team.

4.) I usually go through every rhythm on page twice and then move on to a more difficult page (if applicable)

What’s really great about this game is that you can teach the procedures to your students once and then it can morph to fit whatever your students are learning.  For example, my 1st graders can play Whack-A-Note with quarter notes and beamed eighth notes and my 6th graders can play it with notes from the treble clef.

These are Rhythm Versions I have created.  All can be found in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

quarter notes and quarter rests

Rhythm Whack-A-Note: Quarter Notes & Quarter Rests

Quarter Notes and Beamed Eighth Notes

Whack-A-Note: Quarter Notes & Beamed Eighth Notes

quarter Notes, rests, and beamed eighth notes

Rhythm Whack-A-Note: Quarter Notes, Quarter Rests, & Beamed Eighth Notes

quarter notes and half notes

Rhythm Whack-A-Note: Quarter Notes & Half Notes

Enjoy!  I know my kids LOVE these games.  Let me know if there is something I can help with or a specific version I can create for you. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “Rhythm Whack-A-Note Games

  1. Cara, Do you play this on a Smart Board? I am wondering about potential damage to the board if using a fly swatter? Has this come up before?

    Thank you so much for sharing all your great ideas! I think you must have creativity “oozing” out of you!

    BTW: aren’t you in Texas? You should think about being a presenter at TMEA?

    Susan Martin

    Sent from my iPad


    • Susan, Thank you for your kind words. I’m actually planning a couple proposals to submit for next year’s TMEA convention so I appreciate your support!

      On the subject of playing this game on a Smart Board, I actually have a Smart Projector that projects onto a dead board so I can’t officially say. I would be wary as well. I’ll do some research and see.


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  3. Susan,
    Smartboards are made to be super durable. I know lots of teachers who play games where the kids throw stuff at the board and my kids and I hit mine pretty hard and have never had any damage occur.

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