Sol-Mi & Sol-Mi-La Activities and Resources

Happy Saturday Friends!

Kindergarten is in the process of translating higher and lower into the pitches Sol and Mi and 1st grade is reviewing Sol and Mi in preparation for adding La.  Although I feel it’s late in the year for adding La with 1st grade, my hands are tied between the holidays in the fall semester and the January highjacking of the Cowboy Breakfast (which didn’t even happen due to weather, AH!).  Anyway, we will hit melody hard for a good chunk of the rest of the year.

word iconic notation Sol Mi

I created this first set of flash cards to aid in the transition to Sol and Mi from generalized higher and lower pitches. I wanted something basic that showed the difference between the two pitches without being too much information.  From here, we transferred to icons with quarter notes instead of the solfege syllables.

Sol Mi quarter notes icons

I used four note patterns (common time) so we could keep some constants and only the notes themselves would change. Now, I am a big believer in children not only reading music but also audiating, sometimes called inner hearing, music as well.  Musicians (this is especially important for singers) should be completely self sufficient as musicians and not need another to perform the music to learn it.  Using audiation, students can not only read their music silently but also identify any mistakes during practice and, ultimately, performance.

Anyway, I then used the flashcards to create a Whack-A-Note game so we can do aural practice with the same patterns we practiced.

melody whack-a-note

sol mi melody game solfege

I created the same things for La so we can use it soon and the children will be familiar with the process.

Sol Mi La solfege melody

melody sol la mi

The next step is to replace the icons with standard notation.
sol mi la melody

sol mi la flashcards melody

sol mi melody

Sol la mi

All are available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!  Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Sol-Mi & Sol-Mi-La Activities and Resources

  1. I started following you because I have known you for so much of your life. Now, I follow you because your posts and materials are so creative, fun, and totally amazing. Your students are so blessed. Sure wish my girls and I had your kind of music instruction when we were in school. Wish I could use them rather than just admire them. Blessings on you. Karen C

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