Diatonic Solfege Signs

Good evening!

I have been super productive today and created 12 (yes, 12!) sets of solfege signs.  I added the diatonic word so that people would know that I only have the major scale and not any accidentals.  Those may be coming.

I created signs using different themes because I wanted to make sure there was a little something for everyone.  I have a super girly classroom now but my first classroom was painted in rainbow colors before I got there so I was stuck with that.  My second classrooms weren’t crazy decorated because I had two classrooms to do and no budget.  Anyway, my point is, I’ve evolved my classroom decor style in just the 8 years I’ve been a teacher.  I know there are others out there who might not like my style but still like the resource.  I’m trying to adapt. 🙂

Anyway, here is a list of the sets I created today.  Each set is currently priced in my Teachers Pay Teachers at $1.50 but the price will rise next week to $3.00 so get it not for cheap!

solfege set wonderland themeSchool Theme: for the traditionalist

solfege sets butterfly theme

Butterfly Theme: for the vintage decorator

solfege sets whimsical set

Whimsical Theme: For those who like froo-froo

solfege sets seaside theme

Seaside Theme: for a more gender neutral decorator
(And Caitlan)

solfege sets sweets theme

Sweet Theme: for those who enjoy cutesy creations

solfege sets enchanted theme

Enchanted Theme: I have no explanation other than because I like it

solfege sets boomwhacker theme

Boomwhacker Theme: This set is in traditional boomwhacker colors to make that connection.

Nursery Rhyme solfege set

Nursery Rhyme Theme: for those who have younger students 

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 6.22.41 PM

Wonderland Theme: for those who like powerful colors

solfege sets balloon theme

Balloon Sets: because it’s super cute

solfege set pink glitter theme

Pink Glitter Theme: for the super girly girl LIKE ME

solfege set argyle theme

Argyle Theme: for those who want less girly

Circles theme solfege set

Circles Theme: just because


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