Songs that Improve My Mood

Being a “specials” teacher, a lot of people that don’t have any knowledge of my job seem to have an opinion about it.  Sometimes, those people say things that are truly offensive and they don’t even realize it.  I won’t go into any details because these songs make me feel better.  So, here is my list of Songs to Improve My Mood. 🙂

1.) Machine Gun by Sara Bareilles

Best Lines: “Maybe nobody loved you when you were young.” and “I’m well versed in how I might be cursed; I don’t need it articulated.”

2.) Love Song by Sara Bareilles

Best lines: “Convinced me to please you, made me think that I need this too,” and “I learned the hard way that they all say things you wanna hear.”

3. Sweet as Whole by Sara Bareilles (NOTE: not all of these are intentionally Sara B, she just writes very powerful songs)


Best Lines: “It turns out I’m actually kind of a bitch but that only happens when I get provoked by some piece of shit asshole we all sadly know.”

4.) Let it Go by Idina Menzel (Frozen)

This Disney song is seriously empowering.

Best Lines: “I don’t care what they’re going to say, let the storm rage.” “Let it go, you’ll never see me cry.” “Let it go, that perfect girl is gone.”

5.) No Good Deed Goes Unpunished by Idina Menzel (Wicked)

Best Lines: “No good deed goes unpunished! Sure, I meant well, well look at what well-meant did.” and “Let all Oz be agreed, I am wicked through and through.”

6.) Defying Gravity by Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenowith (Wicked)

Best Lines: “I’m through with playing by the rules of someone else’s game” and “So if you care to find me, look to the western sky.”

Well, there you have it.  3 Idina’s and 3 Sara B’s to make you feel better and empowered.

Thanks for reading!

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3 thoughts on “Songs that Improve My Mood

  1. Wow! With that list someone must’ve really upset you! I’ve been a music specialist since I was 24 (with 18 years off to raise my family) and now I’m still teaching as a music specialist, (turning 60 in June), and I’ve heard it all. I think we are an under appreciated group. They just think we sing songs and have fun, not really teach anything valuable, in spite of all the research on the brain and music. Hang in there! Thanks for all your hard work and sharing the results with all of us.

  2. Thank you, Diana, for your kind words. I’m actually not that upset because, like you, I’ve heard it all. I’m just extra sensitive sometimes…..okay, all the time. 🙂

    Thanks for reading and for your encouragement.


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