New Posters and a FREEBIE!

Before I opened my Teaches Pay Teachers Store, I was making posters and things for my classroom and sharing them on my blog with no regard for copyright or giving credit to creators.  I figured since my creations were created using freebies I downloaded (and anyone could download) and I wasn’t making any money from them.

Anyway, for use in my store, I had to upgrade to commercial elements and fonts and that’s why you are seeing some recreations of previously created products.

This first one I recreated because I super love students being able to walk through the process of reading (and sight-reading) on their own.  I mean, that’s out ultimate goal right? For students to make and create music on their own?

Anyway, here is the redo of “How to Read Music.”

Click image to go to Store.

Click image to go to Store.


This next one is close to my heart.  You get what you get and you APPRECIATE it.  Some teachers encourage the students to think of their classroom as a home and blah, blah, blah BUT I don’t.  I am welcoming to my students (of course!) but I let them know they are in my space.  When we use crayons, I remind them that I am sharing MY crayons with them and they need to share with others.  When the leave the classroom, I remind them they need to pick up MY classroom.  I won’t get on a soapbox, but, I haven’t been immune to the feeling of entitlement some students feel.  Part of my job as a teacher is to not only teach my subject matter but also build the character of my students.

ANYWAY, rant over.  Here is the poster set (both are included due to preference):

classroom poster

Click on image to go to Store


Click on image to go to Store

Click on image to go to Store


This is one just makes me happy.  My nieces used to sing this song and music lyrics have always spoken to me (See post: Songs That Improve My Mood)

Click image to go to Store!

Click image to go to Store!


And finally….

This Forever Freebie is in honor of my 100 Followers on Teachers Pay Teachers!!!  I truly didn’t understand this concept when I first became a teacher but now I’ve seen some many different students and realized the truth behind that statement. I think it would have boggled my mind if I had realized that my first couple years teaching.  Ha!  If being charged with the education and development of the future generation wasn’t enough, add to it every single child behind different.  Education is not like an assembly line.  Okay, yikes!  Rant over!  Sheesh…..I can riled up at a moment’s notice over here!

Enjoy! And, if you’re not already following my on Teachers Pay Teachers, please click the follow button after you download!

classroom poster elementary management

Click image to go to my Store (FREEBIE!)

AND, if you’re not already following me on my blog and Facebook (, follow for more freebies and flash deals!

Thanks for reading!

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