Five Favorite Pins of April

Five Favorite Pins of April


Aileen Miracle at Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room is hosting a Five Favorite Pins Linky Party so I’m linking up!

1.) Student Why U No?

pinterest student y u no

Seriously Friends……at least, write it down somewhere.  What’s worse is that everyone’s password in my room is “music” and they STILL ask me.  Sheesh!

2.) “Let it Go” on Classroom Instruments

let it go on classroom instrument

It’s so nice for students to see the instruments they know and are familiar with being played with songs they recognize.  Plus, it’s quite impressive!

3.) Behavior Management Signs

behavior signs

Phew!  These signs would have been helpful today in Kindergarten!  I had to remind students to listen and raise their hand so many times.  A nonverbal way would really be more effective.  TO-DO LIST HERE WE COME!

4.) Padlet


I think I’m in love with this web service.  It’s basically a piece of blank paper (which I already love) on the internet (which means I can get to whenever I need it).  I’m thinking this is going to revolutionize the way I keep my lesson files together.  There is even a calendar page…..I’m going to have to do a blog post just on this when I get it all going.

5.) Dress for the job you want

dress for the job you want

No explanation needed.

Thanks for reading and check out more favorite pins from you favorite blogging music teachers at Mrs. Miracles Music Room!

Credits for Header: Created by Aileen Miracle (Thanks to Jessica Weible for the chalkboard frame, Dancing Crayon Designs for the music note clip art, and Kimberly Geswein and Hello Literacy for the fonts.)

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