Vocal Explorations in Stories

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I have really been inspired by telling stories through music and helping students make those connections.

The first set is (as shown above) Wonderland.  I like the natural movement of Down the Rabbit Hole and floating on the sea of tears.

Vocal explorations in Wonderland



vocal explorations in wonderland

Of course, that spawned a trip to Neverland

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Students will love following the vocal pathways of the characters in flight as well as creating new pathways.

Vocal Explorations in Nevermind

Vocal explorations in neverland

And, finally, I traveled Over the Rainbow which is my niece Maya’s favorite story. (See HERE)

Vocal Explorations Over the Rainbow

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I gotta say, I truly think Glinda is the villain of this story.  I would be pretty upset if someone dropped a house on my sister and then stole her most prized possession.  I’m not saying the Wicked Witch of the West was a saint (I mean, wicked is in her title) but Glinda is a faker.  She asks Dorothy if she is could witch or bad witch AFTER saying only bad witches are ugly.  So, are you saying Dorothy is ugly?   Finally, if you know the answer all along, why put a child’s life in danger on her road to find it. ( see a detailed description of the conspiracy HERE)

vocal explorations over the rainbowSee, a pink bubble of deception.


vocal explorations over the rainbow

Poor grieving sister……

I’m having a contest on my FB page.  Enter to win your choice between 9 Vocal Exploration Sets!  Good luck!

Thanks for reading!

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