Listening to…..

Sometimes I like a song but I don’t like the singer.  Sometimes I like a song but I hear a cover that I like better.  I know! Some people HATE covers but not me.  So, for your listening pleasure:


1.) Fun Fact! I love ballads.  I always have.  My brother used to joke about my taste in music because I always liked to listen (and, yes perform) songs that were powerful and emotional.  Even Dr. Belshaw chastised me for turning a sweet lullaby by Brahms into a power ballad!

“Let it Go” from Frozen is such a great song and so empowering but what I’m REALLY loving is this cover/mash-up by Sam Tsui.  He takes “Let it Go” and “Let Her Go” by Passenger (which although title similar are not style similar) and makes something beautiful.  Check it!

2.) My sister told me I should listen to this song “Say Something” she heard on the radio.  I listened.  I liked.  I sang along.

However, when I heard the Pentatonix version of this song.  I fell in absolute love.  Plus, dude beat boxes while playing the cello!  That’s just cool!

3.) I am not ashamed.  “Wrecking Ball” is a good song.  I’m just not a fan of Miley…..or choices……

I like this version better.

4.) DISCLAIMERS: I don’t think this version is better than the Beatles. I’m not a GLEEK.

I will say this version is absolutely beautiful. If you know anything about the episode, Kurt’s father is in the hospital and his recovery is kind of up in the air.  I lost my father five years ago and this cover with this perspective really touched me.

I don’t know why it has Spanish subtitles.


Thanks for reading!

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