Classroom Organization

I’ll admit it!  I’m a slob…… home.  At school, everything has a place and everything in it’s place.  Even the custodians have complimented the cleanliness of my classroom. 🙂

I like the max amount of space to be used for classroom activities so anything that can be put away or stored is.  All of the keyboard instruments and smaller drums are stored underneath the risers.  My mother made the curtains!

Classroom Organization


This is the other side of the classroom.  I label the cabinets so students can easily find and put away items.  Mallets get three drawers so students can put them away WHERE THEY GO.  In my experience, they are more likely to do something (like clean-up) if it’s easy to do OR ingrained into them.  Ha!

Kleenex, first aid, clean-up supplies, headphones……everything in it’s place…..


Classroom instrument


This is my teaching area behind the piano.


classroom organization


Classroom Organization

classroom organization

I’m linking up to Mrs. King’s Music Room End-Of-Year Linky Party!

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2 thoughts on “Classroom Organization

  1. I remember stumbling on your blog last year and seeing your room and thinking that I was a failure of a music teacher because my room wasn’t as gorgeous! It is definitely inspiring! 🙂

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